Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Things Are In Store...

I have been teaching scrapbook classes for 12 years now...
And one very important thing I've realized...
There is only one ME!
And I live here in my own little corner of the world!
And there are so many wonderful scrapbookers out there
that I would love to offer my classes to...
Well with the help of an amazing friend of mine...
We are working to make this a possibility!
More info will be made available very soon...
But I was so excited about this,
that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!
Well...maybe not the roof tops...more like on my blog, sitting in my chair, in front of the computer at my house! :P soon as I work all the bugs out...
I will let you know!


Tinkerbell Acrylic Album

Here's some pictures of the Tinkerbell Acrylice Album class.
This class is at Collective Journey, in Redlands on April 19th.
It's limited to 15 students...
I will post a supply list soon...


Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Scrapbook Lounge

Check it out!
One of my albums is on!
the Scrapbook Lounge
It's the Baby word book!
It was so cool when I saw it!
I think I screamed - because everyone in the house stopped what they were doing and looked at me...then realizing that I was just crazy...they all started to laugh at me!
It's just a short 9 minute video!
So go check it out!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's the 11th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday!

Yes it's true...
today is my birthday!
My mom called me today and asked me if I was ok?!?
Why wouldn't I be? I said...
no need to be depressed!
I'm too busy to feel old!
My kids keep me feeling young and tired too!
My hunny brought me roses...
A monster...
and a Lemon Meringue Pie...
He knows exactly what I like!

So now...I'm going to hang out with my friend Elaine...
and whoever else shows up today...
and I'm going to relax and scrapbook!
I have had so many warm wishes from my friends today!
I'm so grateful and blessed to have them all in my life!

It's my birthday...shout hooray!
I'm turning 40 - TODAY!
One year older and wiser, YEAH!
It's my birthday - (clap) - TODAY!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Two Week Wrap Up

I have to tell you...
Since the beginning of the month...
I have been sooooo busy...
Here's a little re-cap of what I've been up to...
March 6th - 9th:
Weekend Retreat in Running Springs
WOW! What an awesome weekend!
(I will have pictures soon!)
12 of my friends and I went to a scrappin' cabin
up in the mountains for a weekend!
It was so great to leave all your stuff in one spot
work when you want...go for a little
Stay up until 5 in the morning scrapbooking! Watch a little T.V.
Go into town to visit the local scrapbook store
BTW: Pages of Time in Big Bear is so awesome!
Over all...I finished 27 pages in the four days...
Had I not had picture printer would have been more!
But I'm not bitter! Not at all!
I threw in a class at Collective Journey in Redlands
on Saturday...awesome!
And discovered this cool little boutique next door...
Shop Suey Boutique!!! OMGosh!
I am addicted to purses...sometime I'll have to take
a picture and show you! It's bad!
The weekend ended way too soon!
I would have loved to stay there a week!
Thanks to all my pals for making the weekend so memorable!
But it was nice to get home and see the boys...
and my honey!

March 10th through the 14th:
Several classes...
always like to teach!
traveled around southern california...

March 15th - Tour de Crop with It's About Time:WOW!!! That was my first experience going on or hosting a bus tour!
It was so much fun!
I was the Sparkle Bella Bus Hostess!
I took the job title seriously!
Adding glitter everywhere!
Some of the ladies that were at the retreat the previous weekend also joined me on the bus tour...we could be spotted by our matching green feather boas!
(Pictures to come tomorrow!)
We left Murrieta and headed to San Dimas...
We played games and gave away prizes galore...
Arriving in San Dimas after a little more than an hour
to Scrappin' Good Times...
music and craziness filled the air!
Everyone there was so amazing! Super nice!
What a nice store!
My favorite part was all the amazing ideas that lined the walls!
The ladies did a really cute make n take...
and then we had lunch!!!
Super! Tacos from Zendajas' (sp)! I told the guy serving the food...
I was going to take him home with my...
I could have those tacos everyday!
Everyone at Scrappin' Good Times were so nice...but it was time to leave.
Off to Vista to see the Pink Pineapple Girls...
That was a long drive...but we filled it with
The scrapbook edition of "Deal or No Deal"
Several contestants tested their luck at picking numbers to win prizes!
In the end...several participants...won some fabulous parting gifts -
Sorry, no one walked away with a Million Dollars!
We arrived at Pink Pineapple and were greated by some smiling faces!
I always love going there...such a cute little store!
Lots of yummy stuff to choose from!
So then it was finally time to head back to IAT!
But still much more to do...
It was time to crown the Bella of the Bus!
The ladies were given a scavenger hunt list...
their collect as many of the items as they could!
Their goal...Bella of the Bus!
Our winner acheived this by collecting 38 out of 41 of the items
(which included two bounus items)
Kathy our new Bella received a beautiful sparklie crown, pink and white feather boa and some lovely parting gifts...
Also in our corination ceremony, 6 Bella Princesses were crowned for their acheivemnets...
Once back at IAT in Murrieta...
we were treated to many wonderful things...
Lorene gave away some prizes...
Laura (my fellow CS design team member) did a demo using Clear Scraps Items...
and (aaaaaaaa "ANGELS SINGING") two massage therapists!
I was all over the 5 minute massage!

Some of the ladies stayed to scrapbook...
but I had to get to my boys' baseball games...
Trevor and Logan played (and won!) Major Yankees
Trevor had an awesome play in right field - got a ground ball and then threw it to third baseman to get the runner out!
Logan got an awesome hit and then played great at first base...
I swear that kid is part rubber the way he stretches to get the catch! I think that's part of the goalie in him!
Then we stayed to watch Korey's team play...Jr. Yankees
Korey had a single and an awesome catch in left field!
I yelled so loud when he caught the ball that the people in front of me all jumped!

Last night...Michael's baseball team - Sr. Mets
had a double hitter...
the first game they won 8 to 6...
and the second game they won 9 to 0!!!
That was a long day! And cold...
thanks to Scott and Kat for sharing the heat so that we weren't all ice cubes by the end of the game...
The boys played awesome! Michael made a couple great plays in the outfield but wasn't able to connect on the's only the first games...he'll get it!

So there you go...
I was so tired that I actually slept in today until 10:30!
I never do that!
But with the kids on Spring Break for the next two weeks...
We're going to take it a little easy this week...
then next week...I'm off running again!

Have a very Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Tag

I got tagged by Cathy(my new friend from the Clear Scraps Team)

Link to your tagger and post these 3 rules on your blog.
1) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
2) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
3) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, here goes:
7 Random Facts about me...

1) I started scrapbooking when I was 10 years old...It all began as a school project in 5th grade and we were doing a history on a family member...I chose my Grammy of course...and the rest is history!
2) I had my 4 children in 4 years and all before I was 30 years old! My oldest was born Dec 31, 1992 and my youngest was born Dec 6, 1996...and there are no twins! So for 3 weeks out of every children's ages are all one year apart!
3) I don't really like to fact, if I could go out to dinner every night, it would suit me just fine! But there is one thing I love to make and I'm pretty much the only person in my family that can make is my Grandma Martin's "Feather Pudding". She made it every Thanksgiving and Christmas...and now that's my job at family get togethers!
4) I was a journalism/English major in College...and I was on the newspaper staffs at both my High School and College...I wrote the fluff reviews, Pep Squad stuff, what club was doing what, etc...but my Senior Year in HS I got the most amazing and sad assignment to write about the Space Shuttle that exploded.
5) I can still to this day do the SPLITS and a CARTWHEEL! Just cuz I'm a little fluffy and squishy...doesn't mean I'm not flexible!
6) My husband is 3 years younger than I am...
7) I love Disney anything! Well especially TINK! But for the past 6 years, we've had Disneyland passes and our Dream Family Vacation would be to go on the Disney Cruise and spend a week at Disney World!

I am tagging: (I only have 5 because I don't have too many friends that blog yet...)

It's About Time Girls
Elizabeth at Scrap n Yap

Tag You're It!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Kelly Panacci's Website

Hey Everyone!
My friend Kelly Panacci -
who by the her new lines!
well anyway...
she has an awesome website...
I was checking it out tonight
and OMGoodness...
There was me on her front page!
go check it out!
Kelly Panacci

I will be doing some new projects with all the new stuff
as soon as I have it to play with!

I've got lots to share with you...
I'll do some updating in the next couple days!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hey Sugar Acrylic Album

Well here it is...
A few pics to tantalize your tastebuds!
Sorry it's been a long time in coming...
but my lens on my really nice camera is at the
camera doctor's office...
These pictures aren't that great...
I took them with my little cheapie digital...
I'm so spoiled with my really nice camera!
Anyway, you get the idea!

What to bring to class with you:
Adhesive (GLUE DOTS are preferred)
Pop Dots/3D foam tape
Foam Paint brush
- I used Colorbox Cat's Eye Chestnut Roan for the papers and I used brown STAZ-ON for the acrylic album
Stickles - Icicle or Crystal
X-acto Knife
Everyone should come to class with a basic class kit...
if you're not sure what should be in a class kit...
see one of my older posts...probably early last year sometime
and I outline what should be in your kit :)

This is a cute book and I promise...
Only 4 buttons in this one...not 23!
The paper and embellies are super cute too!
The stickles add that something extra to it!

Class spaces are filling up...
so check the calendar and sign-up soon!

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