Saturday, August 18, 2007

August and September Calendar

August Calendar
Aug. 20th - Q&A Mini Album - It's About Time, Murrieta
Aug. 21st - Camping Sketch Layout - Cool Scrapbook Stuff, Poway
Aug. 28th - Q&A Mini Album - Cool Scrapbook Stuff, Poway

September Calendar
Sept. 11th - Q&A Mini Album - Grand Illusion, Covina
Sept. 19th - Q&A Mini Album - Once Upon A Memory, Huntington Beach
Sept. 22nd - Q&A Mini Album - Scrapbook Blvd., Victorville
Sept. 22nd - Happy Birthday Sketch Layout - Scrapbook Blvd., Victorville

I will be adding more classes in Sept. Check my blog for more updates!

Uppercase Living

About 6 months friend Lara came to visit me from Utah and she brought this catalog with her. OMGoodness! If it wasn't the coolest stuff I had ever seen! The catalog was from Uppercase Living and it was full of words for the walls! I had always wanted to do that in my home but didn't know how to go about doing seemed so expensive!

So I checked it out and found out very quickly that there was no one in my area that was a of course, among everything else I do...I had to sign-up to become an Uppercase Living Demonstrator!

Right now we are renting a home until we find the "PERFECT" house for us and we are unable to paint the walls...I can't stand white walls. I have to have color! So Uppercase Living was the perfect answer for me. I could add color to my walls that was permanent until I wanted to take it off the mess and no need to re-paint!

These expressions feel like journaling on my wall for me. They say just the right thing in all the right places around the house!

When I'm not teaching scrapbooking classes...I'm holding Uppercase Living Open Houses! If you're interested in finding out more about Uppercase Living Products, you can check out their the latest catalog on the website: Uppercase Living
- you will need to register as a customer - which takes just a minute or two - My information to help you log in is as follows: Demonstrator ID: 944204 - Token: matthews - you can contact me at if you are interested in purchasing product or want to hold an open house for yourself.

What's really cool, too is that if there's a phrase or words you want that you don't see available in the catalog, you can use the design tool to create your own... Uppercase Living advertisement is done. I'll get back to talking about scrapbook stuff now!


My new favorite MUST have tool

OK...I've been wanting to share this for a here it is! My new favorite tool - well sort of - it's actually an adhesive dispenser. It is called an ATG gun. It is fabulous!

Don't let the bulkiness fool you! It is really light and it is the fastest and best adhesive I've ever used.

Adhesive is so expensive and I don't know about you, but I go through it like water! The nice thing about the ATG is that each roll holds 36 to 60 yards of continuous adhesive! The gun itself is less than $40! The adhesive rolls are anywhere from $3 to $9!

I found all my ATG needs at but I also know that some retail stores are starting to carry these adhesives and ATG guns.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm So Glad to Be Back Home!

I think Dorothy said it best! "There's no place like home...There's no place like home!" Vacation was so much fun, but I am so glad to be back home! We saw so much and did so much, now I need a vacation to get over the vacation!

One day, we had a girls day out and we went SHOPPING! To be more specific - scrapbook shopping.

I think we got to 5 or 6 stores in one day! My favorite was this little copy store turned scrapbook store in Payson! It wasn't an eloborate or beautiful store, but they had EVERYTHING...they had the best Disney selection I've ever seen in any one store. And of course we got to Pebbles in my Pocket! I love that store...I even saw one of my students from Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway at Pebbles in Orem, UT! What a small world! But we couldn't shop all week, so we had to go do other stuff!

We went to Salt Lake City and saw all the sights! It was beautiful there.

We saw dinosaurs...

Played in a mountain stream...

Saw some beautiful scenery...

Rode a rollercoaster down a mountain...

Went on some crazy water slides...

10 days just wasn't enough time to see everyone and everything, but it was long enough to miss home.
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