Friday, April 27, 2007

What to Bring to a class...

I have been teaching scrapbook classes in some form or another for over 11 years now. I have seen scrapbooking evolve as an industry - heck, even my own books and styles have changed over the years...what hasn't changed is being prepared when going to a class!

When I was in school (elementary, middle school and high school) I can remember teachers always saying "come to class prepared!". There's even an area where a student can have something written on their report card that states "comes to class UN-prepared!"

Why do I bring all of this up...Well, I teach at many different stores and each has their own "policies" - so to speak...but one thing they all have in common, is that each student come prepared with a class kit. So what I find interesting is when a student shows up to class with NOTHING! Not even scissors and adhesive (which are like the air and water of taking a class!). Whether or not the store tells you, you should always bring a basic "class kit" with you to classes (whether they are mine or someone elses classes). That way you will avoid an uncomfortable situation and you won't have to buy something that you already have at home!

So what is in a "class kit"? The following is a list that I have in my basic class kit that I have with me in my bag at all times!

12" Cutter
(several kinds: double sided tape, runner, glue stick, etc - you never know what you'll need)
Glue Dots (those sticky little gummy things - great for holding buttons, ribbons, etc)
Pop Dots or 3D Dots
(I use this in almost every book and layout) & staples
Paper Piercer & Mat
Ink Pads
(basic colors are black and brown - I have about 10 colors in my bag just in case. I use the little Cat's Eyes because they can be held easily and get's in the little corners great)
Hole punches (a couple sizes)
Corner Rounder
Black Ink Pen

There are several cute totes to hold your stuff in! AMM just came out with an upgrade to their already awesome table top tote! Michael's and JoAnns also has some handy little kaddies as well!

This is just the basics - Think of this basic kit as your Scrapbook Class suvival kit! You may need more things than I'm listing, but like I said, just the basics will get you through a class in a pinch!

And as my boys are learning right now in scouts - "Always Be Prepared!"

take care...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tinkerbell Mini Album

National Scrapbook Day 2007

In 1994, Creative Memories started National Scrapbook Day! And now thanks to them, scrapbookers all around the country get together to celebrate their passion for scrapbooking on the first Saturday each May! I have even heard there are groups of scrapbookers who are trying to get the government to make National Scrapbook Day a federal holiday!

I'm not a CM kind of scrapbooker, but I do observe NSD each year! In the past I have held my own crops with friends, scrapbooked with a friend and have even gone to my LSS to crop. This year however, I'm taking it one step further...why celebrate NSD on one day when you can stretch it to TWO! Alot of scrapbook stores are doing this now...several that I teach at in Southern California are holding crops both Friday and Saturday, May 4th and 5th! This year, I am personally going to attend a two day celebration at my LSS "It's About Time" I'm going to go with some of my scrappin' pals and we will spend 24hrs (in total) croppin' our little hearts out!

My goal for this NSD is 30 layouts...hopefully I'll make it! Happy National Scrapbook Day to all you scrappers out there!

Sketch of the Month

Sketch of the Month: This is a great class that is becoming very popular FAST! This class is a great asset to those of us who aren't exactly caught up on our scrapbooking! What it is, is I take a sketch (either my own design, a Becky Higgins' sketch or a sketch from other places) and I design a two page layout using that particular sketch. At the class we create that layout. After everyone is done, I then go with each student (if they wish to do so) and I help them pick out paper and embellishments to make the same layout, just in a different theme. Sketch layout design is a terrific way to get caught up on all your scrapbooking. It helps me sometimes when I have "scrapper's block" and just can't think of a layout. I look through my sketches or my idea books, pick a sketch and go. If you go to the gallery on my website: you can see sample pictures of all the sketch of the month layouts. Some themes include: Christmas, Pirates, Best Friends, 2 of a Kind, Happy Birthday, Meetin' Mickey, Makin' A Splash, A Good Hare Day, King of the Grill, and Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside. THIS MONTH'S THEME IS: GIGGLE...I used Kelly Panacci paper, stickers and embellishements by Sandylion. Of course there are lots of extras including ribbons!

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