Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why do I scrapbook?

This is my first blog post...ever! The reason I start today is that I have been wanting to keep a journal, but find writing takes too much time when you have to sit down and write your thoughts down on paper. Time is a precious thing when you are the mother of four very active boys. But I still feel the desire to get what I have in my heart, down somewhere...thus a friend suggested to me that I should start my own here I am.

I was sitting in the hospital this last Wednesday, looking at my 11 year old boy laying in the hospital bed and I was feeling very helpless. I knew he was going to be ok...but just the night before he was so sick! Now, after many prayers to my Father in Heaven for my baby's safe recovery, a blessing from my husband and minus his appendix, he was going to be ok, but I still had this feeling of what could I do. So of course I pulled out my camera...what else would I do?!? I had to record this moment. It was part of my son's history and although I'm sure he won't want to relive the pain again, it will be something to remember and to share the story with his children and grandchildren.

This is why I remember, to keep my family's history. We may not be famous...but we all have a story to keep and to tell someone, someday. I love to see my children pull out their scrapbooks and pour over the pictures and to say comments like "I remember when we went here." or "I can't believe I did this." Just to see their faces light up looking through the pages of their personal if they were opening their presents on Christmas morning, reaffirms to me that this is why I scrapbook. baby is fine...he's back at home and with today being Saturday, he was really bummed about not being able to play soccer. I love my children, I love my husband and I love my life...and this is why I scrapbook...
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