Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An OCD Moment

I have this thing about how everything has it's place...
There's an order that things should go in...
Well...you all know that I love embellishments!
Ribbons for one
But I have also got a thing for buttons!
Over the last few months, I've been collecting buttons
and more buttons...
and even more buttons!
All the things they come in are very cute and clever -
except when storage is a problem...
All those different size and shape containers aren't convenient!
I needed a solution...
I found one at JoAnn's...
These little snapware boxes that stack and lock together!
So I bought 4 stacks...
and went to town organizing by color!
Kurt just shook his head as he watched me sitting there
seperating the buttons by color into all these little trays!
I think he thinks I'm crazy sometimes...
I think I'm a little OCD sometimes...
So here's to my OCD moment -

Over 100 pages scrapped in 2007

I can't believe it!
I have scrapped approximately 120 personal pages in the year 2007!
Not including my page exchange pages...
or my class projects...
I have so many more to do!
Maybe I'll reach 200!?!
My goal for the year was 100...
now that I'm there...
I think I can do the 200!

Here are some of my most recent pages
and some of my favorites...
of course they're of the boys!
Who else am I going to scrap?!?


New Find

I love finding new stuff!!!
After my class last night at It's About Time,
I had to look around and shop - of course!
What to my wondering eyes should appear?
But these three little packages
holding what looked like tape runners,
but were actually rub-ons that went on like runners
with dashes and zig zags and swirly flourishes!

So now, I'll have to use them in a project or layout
Then I'll let you know if I love it or not!
I'm thinking I'll love it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Look

I saw this commercial the other day
It said something about "Girls, be brave not beige!"
I was looking at my blog and thinking...
I'm so beige!
I'm not beige!!! I'm PINK!!!
I'm not very computer savvy
but I can change the template with what they offer!
So that's just what I did!
But NO PINK!!! Bummer!
So instead I'm blue with dots!
If I could figure out how to make it look like
a bunch of ribbon...I'd do that!
So, I hope you all like the change...
Oh, I almost forgot!
I added my "Top 10 List" to the left
It has my favorites and what I couldn't live without items!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday Night

I'm just sitting here at my computer
country music softly playing in the background
the boys and I had a great time tonight
Our neighbor had a Halloween Party and we decided to go!
It sounded better than staying home and doing nothing
So we went with our scary dinner entree in hand - "human hearts, marinated in blood!" (aka...chicken breasts in bbq sauce)
I'm sad...because my boys are getting so big
costumes aren't cute anymore
no more purple dinosaurs, Power Rangers, and pirates
no more cute little pumpkins, firemen, and magicians
no more wanting to be Harry Potter, Buzz Lightyear or a Ninja
those have been replaced by the gross and the scary ideas of teenage boys
well since mom doesn't like gross or scary...our costumes have been dwindled to nothing more than t-shirts

well back to the party...
I'm glad we went, because my kids were just that tonight...kids

there was a pinball contest...out of about 20 kids, it came down to the four boys...

Michael beat Korey
Logan beat Trevor
So it now it was Michael and Logan battling for pinball champion...Michael prevailed!

Then everyone carved pumpkins

everyone did awesome...but Michael was on a roll...his won for scariest
then a little karoke
a little more pinball
some yummy, gross looking treats
then we were heading back home...
nothing like a nice, quiet night out with the Matthews boys...

by the way...my hearts in blood...won 2nd place for grossest looking entree!
not bad
Happy Halloween...
this witch is off to check on her little monsters

Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas Sketch Layout

Here is the new sketch layout for November...I will have another Christmas layout for the month of December...both are using the new product from Sandylion and designer Kelly Panacci. Hope you like them!

Check out the calendar for the dates that I will be teaching this layout!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October & November Calendars

Here's what's going on for the rest of this month and next - check back for additions to my calendar:

October Calendar
Oct 23rd - Halloween Book - Cool Scrapbook Stuff, Poway (This class will be rescheduled due to the fires = there are still 7 spots available in this class)
Oct 29th - Halloween Book - It's About Time,Murrieta (only a few spots left)

November Calendar
Nov 1st - Halloween Book - Cool Scrapbook Stuff, Poway (This is the rescheduled date - there are still a few spots left)
Nov 3rd - Q&A Mini Album/Bon Voyage Layout - Scrap & Yap, Monrovia
Nov 6th - Christmas Mini Book - Grand Illusions, Covina
Nov 9th-12th - Cruisin' with Cool Scrapbook Stuff
Nov 14th - Christmas Mini Book - Once Upon A Memory, Huntington Beach
Nov 17th - Tinkerbell accordion book/Camping Sketch Layout - Scrapbook Blvd, Victorville
Nov19th - Pirate Mini Album - Kandy Scrappers, Corona
Nov 26th - Christmas Sketch Layout - It's About Time, Murrieta

Fires in Southern California

I get on the boat Friday and everything was fine...I get off the boat Monday and all of Southern California is on fire!

I wanted to let everyone know if you read this and are affected by the fires that my prayers are with you!

Right now we aren't in the direct path, but in the Temecula/Murrieta valley we are getting alot of the ash and smoke...

Some of the stores that I teach at have been evacuated...Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway is one - I spoke to Gena and she and her staff are fine, but all have been evacuated, even the store as well...She is in a hotel in downtown San Diego right now.

I also have some friends in the San Diego county area that have been evacuated, but all are staying with family and are ok.

My son just came home from school and told me that one of our teachers from the middle school lost his home in the fire and a little friend from our soccer league has too lost their home.

I just had to say something, because my heart is so full of emotion and sadness right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are in anyway affected...

May God bless all of you -

Cruise #2 - Collective Journey

Hello Again Everyone! Just got back from cruise #2 with Collective Journey in Redlands...so much to tell you about...

My cabin buddy this time was my very good friend, Vanessa -

We were also joined by my friends Natalie (whom I've know since junior high school) and Sharon.

This cruise was a little different for me...in that, I originally wasn't supposed to teach on the cruise and it was going to be my "girls weekend" to get away and scrap. But when the store asked me to teach, of course I couldn't say no! But still, my friends were on this trip and we didn't change any of our plans to make it our girls getaway! This group of friends that I went with are very serious scrappers! In all, the four of us completed over 230 pages in three days! Natalie was on top with 64 completed pages, followed by Sharon and Vanessa who each completed about 55 pages each and then me I finished 59 - but 48 of those were my page exchange pages, 9 were my personal pages and 2 were Vanessa's cute little baby Hannah!

Natalie and Sharon won the photo scavenger contest! They were women on a mission!

And the four of us (Totally Cool Funky Divas) won the Saturday night PJ contest for best team spirit!

I have to tell you a funny story - After dinner Saturday night (which is formal night) the four of us went to our rooms to change for pj night in the scrapbook room. We had the great idea to go downstairs where everyone was having their pictures taken in their formal wear and get pictures taken in our pjs! What a funny sight to see - four grown women (who between the four of us have 13 children) in our jammies, waiting in line with all these fancy dressed people - looking at us as if we had lost our minds! To a few of them we said "oh we must not have gotten the memo that it was formal night - we thought it was pajama night!" A few people laughed! The photographer thought we were crazy - in a good way, and wanted to keep taking our pictures! But we finally had to tell him we had to go... And have you ever had that nightmare that when you least expect it, especially when you don't have make-up on, you will see someone you know...well that's exactly what happened to me! Here we are in our purple pj's and who of all people do I see, Coach Bob! He was the boys' baseball coach a couple years back...I think he thought we were crazy, in a bad way! lol But at least it wasn't my high school boyfriend or something like that!

Anyway... we had so much fun! Even though this time the water was a little rocky, it was a great weekend! Hopefully next time, if you didn't make it this year, you'll be able to join me next year!

Cruise #3 is just two weeks away!

take care -

Cruise #1 - It's About Time Scrapbooks

What a great time was had by all! We celbrated It's About Time Scrapbooks 1st anniversary in style on the high seas!

For this cruise my cabin buddies were Elaine and Nancy - two of my students who I am glad to also call my friends!

On Friday night the three of us closed down the scrapbook room at 2am (I guess that's really considered Saturday morning) and then on Saturday night (Sunday morning) I had to go at 3am while Nancy and Elaine scrapped until 5am! OMGosh!!!

There was lots of fun besides scrappin' - we ate of course! Our waiter, Peter was the bomb! He was from Slovakia!

Some gals went into Ensenada...I didn't though...too busy teachin and scrappin!

Here's some more pics from the trip!

Yvonne and Gayle (aka my family) also went on this trip -

Some of the It's About Time Girls -

Mel gettin funky at dinner -

Everyone in our Time Travelers shirts! What a sharp bunch we are!

We all had so much fun! I met a few new gals that aren't from around Murrieta...I'm looking forward to seeing them again! I personally finished 19 pages (not alot, but I was busy having fun and also teaching).

Well...that's not all for me...I still have two more cruises to go! Hope you are able to join me next time - we all had so much fun!

see you soon,
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