Tuesday, July 29, 2008

September Make N Take Night

Here are the make & takes for September...
It will be Sept. 20th...
The deadline to place your order is Sept. 10th.
More info will follow later...

just wanted to share

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Tools to Bring to a Class or Crop - Repost

This is a repost from over a year ago...
But because it is relivant to every class and crop...
I thought that I'd repost it today...
This time I added pictures...

I have been teaching scrapbook classes in some form or another for over 12 years now. I have seen scrapbooking evolve as an industry - heck, even my own books and styles have changed over the years...what hasn't changed is being prepared when going to a class!

When I was in school (elementary, middle school and high school) I can remember teachers always saying "come to class prepared!". There's even an area where a student can have something written on their report card that states "comes to class UN-prepared!"

Why do I bring all of this up...Well, I teach at many different stores and each has their own "policies" - so to speak...but one thing they all have in common, is that each student come prepared with a class kit. So what I find interesting is when a student shows up to class with NOTHING! Not even scissors and adhesive (which are like the air and water of taking a class!). Whether or not the store tells you, you should always bring a basic "class tool kit" with you to classes (whether they are mine or someone elses classes...this holds true for a crop as well). That way you will avoid an uncomfortable situation and you won't have to buy something that you already have at home!

So what is in a "class tool kit"? The following is a list that I have in my basic class tool kit that I have with me in my bag at all times!

1) Scissors

2) 12" Cutter

3) Adhesive
(several kinds: double sided tape, runner, glue stick, etc - you never know what you'll need - the pictures are of some of my favorites that I use)

4) Glue Dots (those sticky little gummy things - great for holding buttons, ribbons, etc)

5) Pop Dots or 3D Dots

6) Stapler
(I use this in almost every book and layout) & staples

7) Paper Piercer, Xacto & Mat

8) Ink Pads
(basic colors are black and brown - I have about 10 colors in my bag just in case. I use the little Cat's Eyes because they can be held easily and get's in the little corners great)

9) Hole punches (a couple sizes - a Crop-a-dile has two sizes & it also sets eyelets!)

10) Corner Rounder

11) Black Ink Pen

There are several cute totes to hold your stuff in! AMM just came out with an upgrade to their already awesome table top tote!

Michael's and JoAnns also has some handy little kaddies as well!

This is just the basics - Think of this basic tool kit as your Scrapbook Class suvival kit! You may need more things than I'm listing, but like I said, just the basics will get you through a class or crop in a pinch!

And as my boys are learning right now in scouts - "Always Be Prepared!"

take care...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Step Closer to His Driver's License!

It's been an exciting day for everyone around here!
Michael came in all smiles and super excited!
For a 15 year old (sorry - 15 1/2) that's few and far between!
But he could hardly wait to get through the door before he pulled out this little pink paper!
OMGosh! He passed Driver's Ed!
Now he wants to run to the DMV and take his test...
Not sure if I'm ready for that just today!
Congratulations to our big Mikey boy!

OMGosh!!! OMGosh!!! OMGosh!!!

That's what I just started saying really, really loud!
So my husband came running in my office to see what was wrong!
I was really excited to see MY heart acrylic album
Donning the front cover of the new Design Originals Idea Book -
"Clear Albums for Scrappin'"
I knew it was IN the book - Just not the FRONT COVER!

This was long awaited!
I can't wait to get my copy!
I'll let you know where you can get the book if you're interested...
D.O. is sending me that info soon...
I just wanted to share my good news with everyone!
I'm soooo excited!
Have a super, fabulous week!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPDATE: Uppercase Living Make N Take Night

Hi All -

Here are all three of the Make n Takes for August:

1) Family - $20
Beautiful to display alongside family pictures
2)Live, Laugh, Love Candle Holders - $18/set
This is a set of 3 - and does not include candles
3) This Home Est... - $22
Customize YOUR year - comes with ribbon hanger


Date: August 16th
Time: 6:00pm to 9:30pm

It is set up like an Open House...
Come anytime between those hours...
make your items...
and take them when you're done!
It's very relaxed...no stress...
If you're interested in joining me for our August Make n Take Night...
Please EMAIL ME by August 4th to reserve your spot!
I will respond to you and email you all the details!
Just like my scrapbook classes...
Each of my UL Make n Take kits comes with everything to make the project you see (unless otherwise specified).
Most of the projects can be completed in 30 minutes...
Some even less than that!
Look forward to seeing you at my Make n Take Night!


**Not familiar with Uppercase Living...check out the website - Uppercase Living go to Customer Login and follow the steps - My ID#944204 and token: matthews**

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cute New Look for My Blog!

Hey there everyone!
Do you love my new look for my blog?!?
I found this super cute website:
They have super cute blog backgrounds...
AND they are the first place to tell you how to put the background on that even a computer dummy like me could figure out!
So here's my shout out to the girls from TCBOTB for giving my blog,
The make over it really needed!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

There's Another Teenager in My House!


Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful boy LOGAN!
I swear he's grown overnight!
We're now seeing eye to eye!

love you bear!

I was nominated for...

I was nominated by my friend Nicole from Scrapbook Blvd. for this on her blog. Thanks Nicole for nominating me. She left a super sweet message about me on her blog as well...This is what she said about me ... Terina Super talented.. I met Terina when she came to our store to teach classes. I love her work and think it is beautiful. She is super sweet and I enjoy chatting with her when she is at the store. We BOTH have 4 boys as well and that is enough to keep two people connected in itself. :)

Here are the rules.

1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs (I don't know if I know 7 people who have a blog)
4) Add links to those blogs on yours (all links to the right)
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

And the nomenees are...

Vanessa - We have been friends for a long time! Our kids were what brought us together! She is a great scrapper - very talented! Love to hang out and talk! More like a sister than a friend! She thought I was crazy for having 4 kids...until she had her 4th - now she KNOWS I'm crazy...and she's coming along for that ride, too!

(Vanessa and I on our cruise Oct 07)

Katrina - She is so sweet! We are both baseball moms and our boys have fast become best pals! She, too, is a very talented scrapper! But we need more time scrappin' together! From the first time we met, we were talkin' like we'd known each other forever - she's my newest BFF!

(Katrina and I at the baseball team pool party)

Cindy - What a beautiful blog! Reflects a beautiful person! Amazing scrapper! Great friend to so many...I'm glad she's mine! Don't get to see her very often - but when I do...it's like we haven't missed a day! Can you believe she's a grandma? Her g-kids are super cute!

(A two-fer - Cindy and Val together!)

Val - Can you say AWESOME! Val is one super amazing person! Extremely talented scrapper...my kind of style - clean lines and lots of stuff! (Just a plug - she's joining me to teach in April for the Caribbean Cruise!) She is so ADHD - I think most talented people are! But she's one of those busy people that can take on the world and take care of it all! I don't get to see her very much...but love her!


Ok I know it says 7 people. But I don't want to nominate Nicole again and I don't know the other blogs that I read personally. So I don't know if that would really work. So I am just going to nominate these 4 people.

Thanks Girls for tons of inspiration all the time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

16 years ago...
I married the man of my dreams!
He's my best friend and
the love of my life...
Happy Anniversary Kurt!

It's About Time Cruise

Don't forget Time Travelers!!!
It's About Time Scrapbooks & More's
2nd Annual Cruise is coming up!
October 10th thru 13th is the date!
There's still a few spots left!
Call Mel or one of the girls at the store:
(951) 304-3422 for more details.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An OMGosh Moment in a Mom's Life!

I know my babies are growing up!
I have faced the reality that I will someday be the shortest person in the family...and that is all too fast happening. I swear I wake up each day and these boys have grown another inch or two!
But the thing that got me this past weekend was the fact that not only is Michael starting to learn how to drive...but Korey is too!
This just can't be happening!
We let Michael drive (the whole family in the car) over to our friend's house on the 4th. Of course it was only about 5 residential blocks and no major streets or signals, but still on the real road! He did really good...Mom was a crazy wreck! But he really did good for his first time! Of course I had the camera to capture the memory of this milestone! (I'll explain the cast in a minute)

Then if this wasn't enough...
On Saturday the 5th...
Kurt and the boys were rearranging and cleaning up the garage and the car needed to be moved off the driveway...so he throws the keys to Korey!
This is how he started with Michael...kinda to ease them (and us) into the feel of driving the car!
But he did great! Like he'd been driving forever!
And of course I ran and got my camera!

So now a new chapter in our life has just begun...
No more am I the mom of 4 boys...
No...I'm the mom of 4 teenage boys (Well 3 teens and a tween)
And they are starting to become men right before my very eyes!


regarding the cast: Not broken...just a really, really bad sprain - 1 trip to the hospital after a crazy game of Extreme Steal the Bacon (What were they thinking?!?) And his whole thumb, wrist and palm of his hand is black and blue...cast will come off this week hopefully...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Look what I made!

I had seen something like this a while back...
And I was sitting at home after church needing to create something...
I had a few acrylic sheets and some leftover papers...
And of course ribbon!
So I made this cute little tote purse!
(I think I'll use it for my scriptures/church stuff -
I've always wanted something that I can bring to church -
and now I have one!)
I thought it could be a cute little purse too!
Hope you like it...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Trevor's All-Star Game

Well...it was fun while it lasted!
Three games and they're out...
Sad...but not so bad!
Trevor played great...
Had Fun...
and learned a few things too!
Here's just a few shots from our last game...


Disney Trip - Last Time for a while...

Our friends came to visit us from UTAH!
Madie, Alex, Courtney and Lara were here and so we went with them a couple days to visit Mickey's House!
We're a little sad though...
Our passes expire and we won't be renewing them this year...
Oh well...
It'll give me time to catch up on scrapping the other 50 million trips to Disneyland!


Happy 4th

July 4th

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Scrap n Yap Cruise 2008

What a great time we had this weekend!
We cropped...
We laughed...
We ate...
Some of us bought artwork...
Here's some highlights of our croppin' weekend at sea...
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